5 reasons to choose do-it-yourself skincare

DIY Skincare is fresh, top quality and transparent

Transparent formulation

You know every part of the skincare formulation, no hidden ingredients. If you want transparent skincare, the best way is to see the ingredients in their raw form and mix them without any chemical processes. With fresh water-free skincare in do-it-yourself kit, this is possible.

Fresh, raw, plant-based and vitamin-rich ingredients 

DIY skincare goes directly from your hands to your skin. Ingredients are raw before you mix them and they remain raw after melting if you follow the instructions to melt them on low temperature. No valuable contents are compromised, and the skincare stays fresh for at least six months if stored and handled properly.  

Effective natural formulation without any additives

The water-free formulation doesn’t require any emulsifiers, it stays fresh without preservatives, especially if it is mixed just before use. It is highly effective without any chemical compounds.

Handmade, no manufacturing, shorter supply chain

No manufacturing process is required, and no machines are included in the  final production of your balm. There is only a formulating and packaging process between you and the source of ingredients. 

Personalised skincare with your hero ingredients

The beauty of do-it-yourself skincare is that you can personalise it to meet your specific needs. Although we stand for carefully formulated and effective recipes, the formulations allow you to personalise them for your skin condition and preferences. By adding your natural hero ingredient of the same purity, quality level and source standard, you can make your skincare work even better for you. Just be sure to choose your hero ingredient carefully, based on the skincare formulating knowledge or advise of the physician, and add it in small amounts.  

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