Find your best skincare – three rules to follow

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Finding the skincare that suits us best isn’t easy. First, we have to know what’s good (for me), second, we have to know where to find it, and third, we have to decide how to choose it. As it requires work, many people still make simple choices and don’t care much about their skincare.

What we put on our skin and therefore in our body is our choice and no trusted brand, regulation or consumer organisation can do the work instead of us. So we have to know the ingredients and decide about our own requirements, limits, and compromises. What’s the work here?

Follow these three steps to find your best skincare

First, set your own standards and decide what’s important for you and good enough for you. Do you want fresh or you don’t care? Do you expect 100% organic or 20% organic? Do you seek natural? Is just a name natural enough for you or do you want to check? Do you prefer hi-tech synthetic components that promise miracles?

Second, do the (home)work, or find someone who will do it for you. Learn to read the product labels and understand what they mean. If you don’t have time or will to do that, you will have to lower your standards, since certificates will not help you.

Third, don’t let the price tempt you. If you can’t afford the product at a higher price, do it yourself or think about it if you can live without it. Better the alternative than accepting the compromise for a low price, unless the price is your standard.

Don’t take shortcuts in choosing natural skincare

There are no shortcuts in finding the best skincare. Let me tell you one of my stories. I have trusted one brand so much, that I haven’t reviewed the label on the product I loved after the first purchase. The product is called “completely natural” and the price isn’t low. But something wasn’t right about it, something in its feeling on my skin bothered me, so I finally reviewed the label and found out that there really are a lot of natural ingredients, but one of the largest shares falls to … a plastic ingredient! Of course, I was totally disappointed. Plastic is everywhere, and be sure, in natural skincare as well. So check the ingredients despite of the “natural” label. Or even more because of that! And don’t check where the plastic is, check where it is not! 

Take your time and give skincare products a chance

Be prepared to fail and search all over again. But once you find the skincare that suits you, stick to it. Don’t change it all the time. If it suits you, you’ll know it, feel it and see it – maybe not immediately, but definitely through time. Good skincare has long-term effects rather than quick fixes.

When I find the right skincare product, I give it time. Time to get used to it and time to see the results. If it is right, I stick to it for years. No need for changes, no impulsive purchases or low price temptations. 

Good luck with finding your best skincare! There sure is out there, you just have to search for it and give it a chance!

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